Find Out About the Organisation Bringinig Internet to the Masses #InternetForAll

Imagine being isolated from the global community by your connectivity. For many people in Africa, it is not a case of the imagination but instead reality.   In a world that thrives on interconnection and the globalisation of ideas, not having ... [Read More]
April 4, 2018

These Testimonials will Redefine your Customer Service Expectations.

Say goodbye to automated voice prompts. Say goodbye to generic responses online. At Sonic Telecoms we like to get personal. In a good way. We believe in the value of customer service.  We understand that our legacy begins with the way we engage ... [Read More]
March 27, 2018

Sonic Wireless Client Testimonial – Entrepreneur Lee Balsdon

When I moved to the new Sunningdale in Cape Town, I was immediately perplexed to find that there was no infrastructure from my previous provider, and there didn’t plan to be any for at least a few years. Having run my own business from home ... [Read More]
July 11, 2017