SHAPED VERSUS UNSHAPED- Which bandwidth option is better for you?

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It’s Call of Duty. You’ve lined up the perfect kill shot. Holding your breath, you pull the trigger – when just then – the gameplay starts stuttering, and your opponent walks away unharmed.

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Knowing the difference between shaped and unshaped bandwidth is very important. As a consumer, it is vital that you understand this distinction as by choosing a bandwidth option that aligns poorly with how you intend to use your internet network could negatively impact on your user experience.


Shaping refers to the conditions that restrain the flow of information between your computer and the servers on your network. When using a shaped internet service priority is given to services such as email, internet browsing as well as File Transfer Protocols (FTPs). Other services such as file sharing and gaming are less significant. During peak hours or heavy user periods, these services will run slower. Therefore if you intend to use your internet network for gaming or streaming, a shaped bandwidth may be ill-suited to your needs.


Most consumers will not be too severely affected by a shaped bandwidth. However, there are multiple benefits to using unshaped. With an unshaped network, every protocol performs at an optimal level. All services are available and have a uniform share of the bandwidth. Unshaped packages treat all protocols the same. Businesses who use their internet for international share trading, forex trading, as well as non-standard protocols such as Skype, benefit from increased speed. The unshaped networks advantage is that it prevents the frustration of having to work on a shaped protocol. Furthermore, in general, the underlying quality of the connection is better.


With Sonic Telecoms we have multiple services available which include Fusion Fibre, Wireless as well as standard fibre installations. All of our products make use of unshaped bandwidths. Fusion Fibre is our revolutionary new product which makes use of Fibre-to-Tower technology.  This technology ensures that the service is as fast as fibre. Installation occurs within ten days! Guaranteeing an Impressive turn-around time. If you are looking to get connected, get in touch and join the best internet service provider! 

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