Seven Tips for Navigating the Online Shopping World.

Article by · March 26, 2018 ·

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Online Shopping is something you can do even when you don’t have any money.
Whether you are browsing or looking to burn some cash, online shopping is definitely the way to go. Online shopping has transformed the way that customers experience retail. Getting the hang of this valuable service can be a daunting experience but never fear, Sonic Telecoms is here to help you make sense of it all. 

Online shopping saves you travel time as well as money. It is a simple way to compare prices without having to walk up and down a large shopping mall. You can compare offers across different platforms, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the best deals. Online shopping is 24/7. Consumers access these shops when it is convenient for them. If the mall closes at five O’clock, this does not affect an online consumer.  Some online stores have features which enable you to customise the design of the product. Such as Nike ID which allows consumers to design and purchase their shoes online. This unprecedented expression of individuality gives power back to the customer.

1. Know your shop!
The golden rule for online shopping is to use an established online shopping platform such as Amazon or Take-A-Lot.  Rather than searching “buy shoes online” type in the search name of the platform you would like to use.

2. Check out the URL.
Make sure that you pay attention to the URL of the site.  If the site is legitimate, it will make use of an ”https” tag in its URL. Sites with “https” are generally speaking more secure. Check to see if there is a green padlock in the browser bar; this is an indication that the website is valid and that your shopping credentials will be secure

3. Bad english = a bad site.

Any grammatical errors on the page should also help you to recognise illegal sites.

4. Too many adverts.
Be wary of sites with invasive advertising. If a website has a host of spammy advertisements which take up most of the page, it will speak to the poor quality of the site.

5. Keep your money secure.
Protect your money online by making sure that the page asking for your credit card details has an SSL encryption (secure sockets layer).  You will be able to recognise an SSL layer because the page URL will start with HTTPS://. By following this checklist, you can reduce the risk of being taken in by any fraudulent sites.

6. Be refund savy- read the T’s&C’s.
Refund and exchange protocols for online companies are relatively straightforward. Provided you contact them within a few days of receiving the product you can exchange or refund it if you are unhappy. Terms and conditions vary from platform to platform, but in general, they all follow a similar outline of policies. However, it is advisable that you try to stay as local as possible with online shopping. For example order online from South African based online stores. They are also cheaper as they don’t have expensive import and export fee’s and operate nationally.

7. Deliver to your work address.
One tip for ordering online is to request the delivery to your work address as opposed to your home. Therefore, you can ensure that you receive your package as there is always the off chance that you will not be home when the courier delivers the package to you outside of office hours. Furthermore, in South Africa, with some online shops, if you miss the courier service at home, they send your package to the post office. You will then have to pay an additional storage fee to the post office according to the size and weight of your delivery. You will also have to go and pick it up at the post office.

With these pro-tips you’ll be sure to get the most out of your online shopping experience. Sonic Telecoms will always be here to help you utilize the great services on offer around you. Like, share or comment below. Let us know what you thought. 


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By Jessie Clarke-McLeod



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